This IS NOT a complete reference on the subject.

It is just a few bits of information that I have been given or found.


~ Videos ~

Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production
Aquaponics Compressed
Adjusting pH in an Aquaponics System
AES VI Report 2001
AQ 2010 0876
Aquaponics Common Sense Guide
Aquaponics Equipment - The Clarifier
Evaluation of a Swirl Separator
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production
FWI Linking Aquaponics to 880gRAS
How Many Prawns Can I Squeeze In
Intro Aquaponics Colorado
Intro Hydroponics
Lapere Techno Economic 2010
Low Cost Aquaponics
National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)
Farm Food Safety Aquaponics
Powering Aquaculture Equipment
Practical Aquaponics For Everyone 1
Practical Aquaponics For Everyone 2
Practical Aquaponics For Everyone 3
Practical Aquaponics For Everyone 4
Principles of Fish Nutrition
Raft Systems
Rakocy 1
Ten Guidelines for Aquaponics
Tilapia Fish
Trip Report - Highfield Trinidad
Update on Tilapia & Vegetable Production


~ Farms I have visited ~

In a Wasted/Un-Usable/Set Back Space, in a Storage Unit Complex

Sahib Aquaponics

on FaceBook

3586 Aloma Ave. Ste #3,

Winter Park, FL 32792

Free Tours by Reservation only

Unbelievably Futuristic - U MUST SEE

Green Sky Growers

146 West Plant Street, Suite 331

Winter Garden, FL 34787


Free Tours by Reservation only