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Peter and Victoria Skena Nature Reserve

It's taken some time ... but ... it's here!

Robert (Bob) Skena has graciously transferred the Skena.org Domain to our servers,
for which we are in the process of building a family tree.

A domain of family pictures and anything else YOU would like to share
with the rest of our family (and the World).

Anyone who would like to assist in this effort,
submitting family history, pictures, tree info, or help with the web design, please contact me.


Also, anyone that is part of our family and would like a Skena.org eMail address,
may have one (at NO COST) for life!   Just Ask.
Those with Skena last names have priority, then first come first get.

Please contact others in our family (including extended family) and offer this to them as well.



we are under construction